The Brentwood Village Chamber of Commerce

Mission, Vision & Purpose


The Brentwood Village Chamber of Commerce (BVCC) is a voluntary, not-for-profit business organization founded in 1999 and dedicated to improving the economic environment of the village community.  As an active, problem solving organization, we focus on economic development, workforce development, local legislative advocacy and membership services. Click to see the BVCC bylaws.


With more than 20 years of proven leadership, BVCC empowers each business in Brentwood Village to reach its full potential, cultivates a thriving business environment and connects our businesses as a community.


BVCC’s primary objective is to improve the economic vitality of the Brentwood Village business community by providing a clear and persuasive voice for its businesses, advocating for business-friendly legislation at county and local levels, and attracting new businesses to the community as well as new customers to local businesses.


The Brentwood Village Chamber works to positively impact the quality of life in the village, while supporting the growth and prosperity of its members. Together with talented leaders in business, community, and government, the Chamber’s volunteer staff works to make this community a better place to work, live, and play.


Integrity. We adhere to the highest of ethical standards.

Community. We facilitate connections leading to long-term trustworthy relationships: business-to-business, business-to-prospective customer, and business-to-essential resources.

Entrepreneurial spirit. We advocate for and support the needs of businesses at every stage of development

Equal Opportunity. We work to create a business climate that attracts new investment and enhances growth and expansion opportunities for each and all village companies.

Diversity. We respect the variety of people, businesses and ideas in our community and consider this diversity to be an advantage.

Tradition & Innovation. As a proactive and forward-thinking organization, we create meaningful programs to preserve village history and to embrace the possibilities of the future.

Sustainability. We provide resources to help our community become more eco-friendly.

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